Kõigi Eesti Laul

April 14th 2019 at 15–18, for free

at Tallinn Song Festival Grounds

We are not afraid. We stand
together for freedom!

Freedom is inalienable. When a freedom is taken from one person, it’s taken from everyone. 

Freedom cannot flourish unless we all cherish it. We must protect our freedom. Each and every one of us, each and every day.

Today, freedoms of all kinds are under attack in Estonia.

Kõigi Eesti stands for all freedoms. The freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of self-actualization, artistic freedom, the freedom of doctors and teachers to do their work. The freedom to feel at home in Estonia. The freedom to stand up for your rights. The freedom to make decisions about your own body and mind. The freedom to be independent and different.

Antagonism, derision, and sharp words rule out understanding. People have become afraid. Afraid of thinking differently. This creeping fear cripples freedom.

It’s not about who expresses themselves in what way. It’s not about whether someone will be a bit more polite from now on. Nor is it about what the new coalition agreement says or does not say. Every word is an action—and the words have already been said, the actions have been done. The consequences are here already. The freedoms of the Estonian people are in danger.

Come to Kõigi Eesti Laul at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds on April 14th at 3 PM.

We are not afraid. Let’s stand together for our freedoms! See you at the Song Festival Grounds!

  • Lenna
  • Ewert and The Two Dragons
  • Svjata Vatra
  • Stefan
  • Там и тут
  • Propazha
  • NOËP
  • Synne Valtri Band
  • Идеальныие люди
  • Ivo & Robert Linna
  • Laura Põldvere
  • Maian
  • PX Band
  • Revals
  • Tanel Padar
  • Mari Kalkun
  • Yasmyn
  • Kuradi Saar